Google Groups How To

If you are new to Google and don't have a Gmail account, you can still join Google groups using your current email like from hotmail, yahoo or even your personal and company domains.  You just need a Google account.

To create a Google account, first go to the Google groups login page.  
For Grace Christian scouts, the Google group page can be found at

You should see the screen below. 

Click on the SIGN IN link on the upper right corner.

This should bring you to the main login page of Google Groups.  If you already have a Google Account, just login with your email address and the password you use for that account.  If this is the first time you are creating a Google account, click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW button.

On the next screen, enter the email address that you are using or used to subscribe to the Google group.

Then below that, enter the name that you want people to see.  This is used only if you are posting to the group when you are logged into the group.  Otherwise, the name that you use with your email account will be shown when you post to the list.

After the country, take note of the image letters in GREEN.  That is called a captcha.  You have to enter those letters into the box below.  This is to confirm that you are indeed a real live person and not just a program design to hack into the system.

After that, click on the I accept. Create my account button.

Soon as your account is created, you should now see the contents of the group.  The menu is on the right.  

You can read all the past emails posted by clicking on the Discussions link.

The Pages link will the minutes of previous meetings and other information which we want others to read but don't want for them to search through the discussions just to find it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please email for assistance.